Our Return / Refund Policy

  • If you decide to return any items, it must be done within 72 hours apon receiving the item. Anything later than 72 hours can't and won't be refunded. All items being returned MUST come in same condition as it was given to you. We confirm that the item has no defects, so any item that has defects due to handling of the shipping company will NOT be refunded. If you try to send an item back , and it isn't in the condition it was given to you in, will be returned back to sender with NO refund. We currently don't do exchanges, but if you happen to get the wrong size, request a refund and repurchase the size that is needed. WE AREN'T RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIPPING COST FOR ANY ITEMS LOOKING TO BE RETURNED. ITEMS THAT ARE ON SALE ARE CONSIDERED FINAL AND WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.