How This 15 Year Old Started His Own Clothing Line

The reason most people don't start business's is because they are scared of trying new things or maybe they just don't think they have what it takes to take such a big roll in a company, The CEO. Scared to put money in and may never get it back, not believing in yourself , or maybe like most people ; claiming you do not have enough funds to even start a business. Those are all excuses for why people will not start business's. 

15 year old sophomore in high school, Taijaun Reshard thought opposite of all excuses. Instead of complaining about not having enough funds to start a business he came up with an idea to get a little extra money in his pocket. He found several items around the house and sold them for money online on ebay. With the extra money he had, he was finally able to buy a sample of his product and get people's honest opinions. A couple days go by and he receives his first sale, this inspired him to not stop and keep going, although after that he didn't receive another sale for weeks. He later then got a job and with the money he was getting, he put 80% of it towards his business. The new year hits and he set new goals, he wanted to have increasing visitors to his site every month. To spark the new year he hits his highest ever 114 unique visitors to his site.

Until this day he never gave up and keeps pushing for more and more each month. The moral of this story is if a 15 year old still in high school can do it , you can too.

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